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Drunk Summer Is LIVE!!


Piper, guilted into going to her family’s camp on the beach simply because it’s a summer tradition, never expects that this may be just the chance for her wildest fantasies to come to fruition.

Parker, her father’s best friend, has unwillingly noticed throughout the years that Piper is no longer a child and has become an enticingly, gorgeous woman. A woman who has become increasingly difficult to ignore.

When everyone else is delayed, Piper and Parker find themselves alone at the beach.

As hard seltzer cans are popped, and these two find themselves in each other’s company during a sudden squall, will they take the chance they’ve both been denying themselves or will they continue on as they’ve always been?

*Drunk Summer is an Age Gap Adult Romance and is the sixth book in the Drunk Love Spicy Romantic Comedy Short Story Series. All books are/will be New Adult to Adult content and are between 8K-10K words.

Available HERE

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