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One More Kiss Suicide Prevention Awareness RELEASE DAY!

RELEASE DAY for One More Kiss!


💋One More Kiss, A Charity Anthology for Suicide Awareness

To Be Continued; by Skye Turner coming in the One More Kiss: A Charity Anthology for Suicide Awareness.

Over 50 romance authors have come together contributing stories to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness.

*All proceeds from ebook AND paperback sales of the anthology will be donated to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund at the American Association for Suicide Prevention.

GET YOUR COPY of One More Kiss HERE➡️

*💯% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Feedback from early readers of To Be Continued;

Girl! That was a whole ass emotional ride!”

“OMG. What a beautiful and gripping story. I ugly cried multiple times. You perfectly captured the demons mental health patients fight daily while weaving a timeless and poignant love story. Just brilliant.”

To Be Continued; by Skye Turner Blurb

Life is hard. It’s even harder when you feel invisible.

Kristee has had enough. Fighting with herself every hour of every day, trying to find balance between the happy and sad moments that flip on a dime is utterly exhausting. Life is supposed to be for embracing the moment, living your best life. But what’s the point of living if you’re alone in your battle and no one even knows you exist?

Asher is lost. Lost in his head. Lost in his life. Always wandering, constantly trying to find out where he actually fits in. The pressure of bearing the weight of his last name finally pounds the final nail in his coffin.

Could a chance meeting, at exactly the right time be the glimmer of hope these two wounded souls need?

With every sunrise, the dark of night is hidden, cast into the shadows of a brand-new day.

Life may be hard; but sometimes all you need is one thing to show you that you matter, your story isn’t over, a blank page is before you and you just need to embrace it…

At the end of the day, your story should read, “To be continued;”

To Be Continued; PLAYLIST🎶🎵🎧

ORDER your copy of One More Kiss HERE➡️

*💯% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

*Please be aware that delicate topics like suicidal thoughts, mental illness, and desperation and despair are in the book.

*There's also my usual heat, swoon, and steam, but it's got darkish undertones for the above-mentioned reasons.

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