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RELEASE DAY! Drunk Professor, A Love Drunk Spicy Romantic Comedy Short Story is LIVE!

It's RELEASE DAY for Drunk Professor, A Love Drunk Spicy Romantic Comedy Short Story.

What early readers are saying:

"I laughed so many times. But damn was that sexy!"

"Drunk Professor is a hilarious and hot little story that will leave you with a craving for more than beer and wings."

"Who knew science nerds could be so sexy? Damn!"

"All the *gasms galore. Fanning myself!"

Book Description:

Destiny has finally gotten into one of her coveted classes and is eager to learn all she can to help her reach her goal of working for the space program.

Decan is excited to teach his first solo course.

The instant attraction between professor and student was not part of the equation.

As craft beer is consumed and inhibitions are lowered will these two science nerds toss their carefully conceived plans away and reach for the stars, or will they remain sticklers for following the rules?

*Drunk Professor is an Adult Romance and is the eighth book in the Drunk Love Spicy Romantic Comedy Short Story Series. All books are/will be New Adult to Adult content and are between 8K-10K words.

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