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Salvation, A Dark Twisted Love Triangle Romance is NOW AVAILABLE!

Salvation, A Dark Twisted Love Triangle Romance

What readers are saying!

“Dark Mafia Romance, with a twisted love triangle.

4.5 stars

Gabrial, Hope, and Luke. A sweet and steamy love story you want to have a happy ending with twists that leave you sweating and cursing. Skye Turner writes believable characters with heart and faults against a Louisiana backdrop. The story ticks all the dark romance boxes, with plenty of angst, but it’s not so dark that readers new to the genre would be overwhelmed.

I recommend this book to readers who enjoy romantic suspense with a Noire edge.”- Rhon House

“It has been a while since I have read a book that thoroughly engaged every single emotion a person is capable of feeling. From anger and hatred to heartbreak, to joy, to tears, to ... well, you get the idea. I can't express enough that this one WILL hold you captive. How can one person be torn between two polar opposites? How do you choose? How can you love two men at once and go through all you have.

This one will leave you with some thoughts. You will have feelings long after you complete this one. Good or bad, this author truly knows how to pull you and and take you on a ride.

I am glad I not only read this one, but was able to feel this dark, angsty, story.”- Ashlee Shades

“It's official this book twisted my heart. Because I do not want to spoil it so I will have to keep this short. Hope is caught between loving two men one bad and one good. However, the bad one is one I could not hate. So I can see why she struggled. This had jealousy, violence, angst, STEAM, love triangle where both men were friends. It was hard for her she loved Gabrial and Luke and they loved her. Great read that I was easily enthralled and on the edge wanting to know how it would end.”- Goodreads Reviewer

“What?! I don’t even know where to start. I don’t want to ruin the story. I love to hate love triangles. I was angry and sad most of the time, I couldn’t help liking Gabrial more. Hope is the only light in his dark life. I felt like he needed her more than Luke did.

The ending took me completely off guard. Be prepared to experience a full range of emotions, not all of them good. I may not have liked the way this book made me feel all the time but the fact that it made my heart hurt so bad proves it’s great writing. I recommend going into this book blind, I always do but you definitely don’t want to wreck anything for yourself!”- Goodreads Reviewer, FOUR STARS

"Skye manages to spin a story so enthralling, my heart was in my mouth all the time. So fantastically written!"- Shabby, BookBistroBlog

”This book was heavy and deep and hard to read at times, but just as much as my heart went into shock and I thought I’d put it down, I couldn’t. That’s how engrossed I was in this love triangle that rattled my heart.

Seriously, it was clanking around in my chest.

That’s what I like when I read a book with trigger warnings.

Salvation satisfied my dark thirst for reading. It also made me aware that Skye can write just as good in this genre as she has all the others.

I definitely recommend Salvation a thousand times over.” - Kathy Coopmans, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Grippingly dark and sexy! A must read for fans of the grey.”

“So messed up but so good. My heart! I cannot take it!”

My heart belongs to two men.

They are darkness and light personified.

I know I must choose.

One is my curse. He says I’m his salvation. The other loves me just as fiercely.

Things aren’t always black and white.

Am I strong enough to follow my heart when my head screams that I can’t have it both ways?

What price am I willing to pay?

*Salvation is a dark romance with a love triangle. One woman is intimately involved with two men and some dark and delicate topics are covered. Contains graphic language, violence against men, women, and animals, drugs, murder, and explicit sex scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

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