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The Pothos Chronicles Has a NEW look and a Complete Series Box Set for the first time EVER!

The Photos Chronicles is LIVE!

Available for the FIRST time EVER as a Box Set!

The perfect collection of sexy stories you won’t want to put down! Definite rereads!”

“I absolutely loved all 7 of the volumes in the Pothos Chronicles. Each story is extremely hot and will keep you reading.

I want a Wrong Number call or maybe I should spend more time at the beach looking for a lifeguard, maybe rent a limo for my self. Lol.

I'm sad that it ended but it's one book I will read over and over again.

Highly recommend!”

“Hello, lovies. Thanks for spending the night with me.

You’re on with Vixen and I’m here with an ear for you to confess your sexual prowess.

Tell me all about your longings, yearnings, and desires. We all have our sexual secrets and I’m here for you.

“Share your experiences and awaken longing, yearning, and desire in others…

“Here we go… let’s get started with tonight’s caller.

Caller, you’re live with The Pothos Chronicles. Tell me your story…”

Seven original and steamy stories that are guaranteed to stir your loins and captivate your heart.

back and enjoy: Volume 1: The Limo Driver, Volume 2: The Masquerade, Volume 3: The Night Shift, Volume 4: The Dare, Volume 5: The Bartender, Volume 6: The Wrong Number, and Volume 7: The Lifeguard.

Get your copy WIDE HERE. Paperback also available.

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